Counting Stars

After getting home late one night early in the summer, I got out of my car and the night sky caught my attention. The stars were clear and I could almost see the Milky Way. I had my camera and tri-pod in the backseat, I was so mesmerized by what I saw so I decided to take some photos of the stars. I’ve tried astrophotography in the past and have had some pleasing results. This time was different, I felt more of a creative spark. I experimented with different exposures and editing the RAW files, further perfecting the process of taking star photos._DSC1762

Over the duration of summer, I took star photos every chance I got. Each time, I would try to improve and out-do myself. I became obsessed with the idea, and tried it in different places throughout the summer. I even included people in the star photos with the use of flash. Star photos easily became one of my favorite things to shoot over the course of 2017.









Back in the Studio

Yesterday, I photographed some portraits of my friend Garrett in the studio at my school. I finished my roll of black and white film for the week this way and it worked out great.

After I finished the roll, I switched over to my digital camera, and decided to take a different approach. I used blue and magenta gels on the strobes to create the theme Garrett came up with. They came out amazing, and Garrett did an excellent job modeling.




Scenes from the Flea Market

Towards the end of my vacation, it is a routine to visit the flea market at the drive-in theatre. This year, I loaded a roll of color 35mm film and explored. It was quite the interesting situation. Above you’ll see various vendors and oddities that I photographed.


Photographed above is Ken Brynildsen, a local photographer in Cape Cod. His station caught my attention and we both discussed various photography related topics. Here he is selling his own prints enlarged from 35mm film. I purchased two of his prints before I left the flea market that day. It was great to meet him and purchase his outstanding work.


On the way back, this mural caught my eye. It reads: “Heaven is a little closer in a cottage by the sea.”

Film, Film, and More Film!

I recently sent out a bunch of color 120 film and 35mm color film to be developed and I got the negatives back in the mail. I then used the flatbed scanners at my school to scan them. Most of these are from my vacation in Cape Cod back in July. The photos below were taken with my Pentax 645 and Kodak Portra 160 film.

I used the remaining rolls of film at home a few weeks after my vacation.

I also shot some 35mm color film as well. These were taken with my Pentax K1000 and Fuji 400 film.







First Roll of Ilford HP5

I recently developed my first roll of Ilford HP5 and I’m hyped on how the photos came out. I shot the entire roll while I was on vacation. Photographed below is my friend Jake Pearl during a skate sesh.



Later that evening I took this photo at Paine’s Creek Beach.


I finished the roll while exploring the island of Nantucket. This is a photograph of tourists waiting in a long line at an ice cream parlor.


This was the last exposure on the roll. A great way to end it.



A Day in the Electric City

untitled (1 of 4)

Today, my friends and I went on a skate trip to Scranton. Photographed above is my friend Kyle, who landed an ollie off the roof of a parking garage ramp. I tried to get scenic while showing the size of the spot. It came out great.

untitled (2 of 26)

We skated various spots throughout the day and explored the rooftops towards the end. The rooftops of Scranton are one of my favorite places to photograph.

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